Integral is committed to fostering a workplace where minimising the environmental impact of our operations is paramount.  We will actively engage all stakeholders to ensure we realise new ideas, manage costs and deliver ongoing benefits.

In doing so we aim to achieve “Best Practice” and will especially focus on encouraging all our staff to be proactive in encouraging other organisations we work with to adopt a similar attitude.

In order to achieve this we will

  1. Educate and train all employees in an effort to continually improve awareness, skills and knowledge with regards to environmental issues and practices;
  2. Comply with all relevant laws and regulations relating to environmental issues;
  3. Be aware of any requirements and comply in accordance with client or project specifications;
  4. Actively encourage waste minimisation, recycling and appropriate disposal to reduce and eliminate adverse environmental effects;
  5. Seek to use products and services that have a reduced environmental impact in terms of production and disposal, and;
  6. Continually report to all stakeholders with respect to both achievements and areas which require further improvement.

It is acknowledged that to achieve these values it is the responsibility of all employees of Integral to actively participate. By working together we will respond to these challenges and work towards creating a more environmentally sustainable future.