Our people are our single biggest asset. Unlike many other industries, we rely heavily on our labour force and as such place an emphasis on developing and retaining the very best people we can to ensure the long term success of our business.

Further to this is our commitment to ensure we provide a safe and pleasant place to work, free of any prejudices based on age, race, sex or religion and to provide an equal opportunity for all

In order to achieve this we will

  1. Place an emphasis on both the personal development of all of our people and any skills they may require to further their opportunities within the industry
  2. Continue to promote the industry with a view to professionalise and enhance the opportunities available to all
  3. Apply a “Best person for the job” rule and ensure all our people have access and an opportunity to apply and progress to all positions regardless of background;
  4. Be aware and comply with all relevant laws and regulations relating to equal opportunity and employment issues;
  5. Actively encourage and promote an atmosphere of open communication for all our staff to speak up about issues and to have them resolved in a timely manner;
  6. Continually monitor and report, to all stakeholders, how we are meeting this commitment and of any areas for improvement

It is acknowledged that to achieve these values it is the responsibility of all employees of Integral to actively participate. By working together we will respond to these challenges and work towards creating a truly unique and positive team experience